Monday, March 12, 2012

Featuring Artist Robin Marie Pedrero

This is artist Robin Pedrero and her buddy Maximillion
I had the privilege of getting to know Robin a couple of years ago when I joined a group called Unique Women in Business. As I got to know Robin better, I became more and more enchanted with her work. But that is not the only quality that drew me to her. She is has such a warm genuine personality you can't help but love her.
If I were to describe her in one sentence I would say, Robin is the most dedicated, passionate, talented, resourceful, generous artist I have ever met!
She is absolutely tireless in her devotion to her art. You will not hear her complain and Robin never waits for an opportunity to knock. She goes hunting, and has the drive it takes to follow through with her commitments no matter how demanding her schedule:)

This wonderful print hangs in my bathroom, and really brightens my day with vivid color, and all the hidden images spark my creativity:) I asked Robin to describe this for me here's what she said. "Jackson's Chameleon although bright and cheery is actually about diaspora, homelessness and relocation. The chameleon has re adapted to it's new environment. It is about being content wherever you may be. There behind him are a set of stairs to nowhere, taken from my personal experience of stairs and partial foundations left where homes once were standing"
Jackson's Chameleon


This is a wonderful example of how deeply she feels her current surroundings and the past. This truly shows in her passionate art!
This was the first art print I bought from Robin,it won't be the last I have a wish list:)

"Who do you serve"

Quote from Robin "Who do you serve" is an oil painting with multifaceted meanings, initiated by the title. Just think about that title. Serving our personal needs and serving others in our daily lives takes balance and faith."

Everyday as I make my morning coffee it reminds me to be grateful for the people I serve and that I serve them to honor God.

I know you will want to see more of Robin's art and learn more about her.Just check out her Face Book fan page Robin Pedrero.!
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  1. Nancy,
    You are so generous and kind.Thank you for such a wonderful feature on your blog. I am truly grateful.


  2. Nancy - I bet you have a wish list! Love that chameleon pic!

    1. You bet I do! And it is getting longer and longer:)