Monday, March 19, 2012

The Wonderful World of LisianBlue

Royal Purple
Hmmm! I must remember to ask her where she got the name of her business! Regardless of what or where she got the name, she is a very talented lady! I mean just look at this awesome off white scarf!                                                                                          

Luscious red Scarf!!

Kris has such skills because she was fortunate enough to have a grandmother who taught her to crochet, it has been handed down. Her love of this ancient art is evident in each piece she lovingly hand crochets! And she also does custom orders! Shop with Kris at lisianblue

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Nancy Pace 


  1. Nancy Thank You so much for a very nice post! the name lisianblue comes from the lisianthus flower - there is a "blue" one that is my favorite so I shortened the flower name and added blue to it! And, blue is also my favorite color. Originally it was just for my e-mail but thought it would be a nice name for my shop too!
    Unfortunately I haven't been able to find this plant around here for several years.
    The really fun part about my grandmother teaching me to knit and crochet, she was left handed, & I'm right handed! She did a good job tho, but she was also a teacher. ♥

    1. You are so welcome lisianblue:) thanks for the lovely story about your name:) She must have been an excellent teacher!

  2. Nice post. I love Kris's work very beautiful!

  3. Love Kris's work, she has been a huge supporter of Handmade Artist' Forum and is one of the original members. We have a true love for her and her work!

  4. Excellent post Nancy… A fellow crocheter… Lovin the red scarf!

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  6. I forgot I had commented on this earlier! But I'm glad I took another peek,
    Tam, Thank You I love your work too!
    Aw Andrew, you're making me blush!
    Cari - the master wire crochter - that red scarf - that was fun to make!