Monday, July 9, 2012

I Love Soap and Bubbly Things:)

I have a thing for bubbles, and all kinds of wonderful handmade natural bath products. The place to get some of the best just happens to be on Handmade Artists site in the handmade shops.
I was looking around to see what I could find that I would like to try and I thought I would share some of my wonderful finds with you :)
Peppermint Pumice Foot Scrub   This is my favorite for tired rough summertime toes, I got this from Reef Botanicals They have a great variety of totally natural all handmade bath products and skin care and my favorite candles too! But this post is about soap so no candle talk!
I have a whole list of things I want to try from their shop like Almond pastry facial scrub
Oatmeal Honey Soap And I noticed they have a free shipping on orders over $25 right now!

I also found other great natural soap from SoapMom Like this Orange Sugar Scrub Set Yum! I plan to try this soon:)  And the her Natural and Organic Facial Grains
Another tempting soap I discovered that goes on my list is from MyLovi
Natural HandMilled Lemon Verbena sounds fragrant, I love old fashioned simple scents don't you?

I stumbled on this luxurious sounding Organic Wildflower Honey Sugar Scrub while on my quest for bubbles:) It goes on my "To Try" list. It is from Essensu

 I better let you go do your own soap shopping now, that's what I plan to do today, There is nothing so clean smelling as handmade soaps! Better hurry, some of the shops have summer sales going right now and who doesn't love a sale? I am going to make some bubbles:) God Bless you all, thanks for the visit!


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    1. Thanks! Handmade artists shops have so many talented people offering natural handmade products I just love sharing info with everyone, they are too good to keep to ourselves!

  2. Thank you so much Nancy, for including our Bee Beautiful Body Organic Wildflower Honey Sugar Scrub, in your lovely list of bubbly things. They all sound wonderful! (essensu holistic skincare)

    1. You are very welcome! Your scrub sounds so sweet and refreshing I had to share:)

  3. Hey, thanks for featuring our soaps & scrub! Glad you're happy with the Peppermint Pumice. :D

  4. MMM some "yummy" sounding bubbly stuff there!