Friday, July 27, 2012

Product Review Featuring Southern Country Creations

Look at what I got in the mail!! Doesn't this look like a party in a box?I was excited when I smelled the fresh clean scent. I couldn't wait to try out my new soap! This handmade artist is named Dee Bibb a charmingly warm friendly lady from Mississippi:)
My  soap was safely bundled and wrapped in bubble wrap, everything about this box said love:)
Each bars was wrapped in bright tissue paper and tied with ribbon, like little presents! I even got a little something extra:) That extra something turned out to be a bar of her special Shea Butter shampoo.

For my shower I chose to try the Rosemary Mint, it was a wonderful experience. The soap produced a rich creamy lather, and rinsed off clean, my skin felt refreshed and moist not dried out.
I tried out the new shampoo bar too and it gets a thumbs up from me. I shampooed as usual and used my homemade vinegar conditioner,towel dried and styled. My hair was very manageable and that is saying something since I have naturally curly hair that is turning silver and is usually hard to control.
I give her a total thumbs up :) 
I am a fan for sure, but don't just take my word for it. You can find her here Southern Country Creations Her shop is filled with handmade items like crotchet, and jewelry as well as wonderful natural chemical free soaps!
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God Bless you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Legend of the Buffalo Stone "Deliverance"

                                   " Deliverance"

The focal of this necklace is Buffalo stone or Ammonite. It is  a  fossilized shell resembling a buffalo hump. It was thought sacred by the Blackfoot tribe,and was said to be used to call Buffalo to the hunters in ancient times. The stone was also said to bring attention to itself by chirping  like a bird!

The old legend of the first Buffalo Stone inspired this necklace and the name "Deliverance."  The legend tells of a woman from a starving Blackfoot tribe who goes to gather wood and hears singing, when she followed the sound she found this stone. The stone spoke to her,and taught her a song. She carried it back to her tribe and they followed the stones instructions and the Buffalo were lead back to them,they were delivered from starvation.
Nancy Pace

This necklace was sold but I have other unique art pieces in my Handmade Shop Nancy's WildWire
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Monday, July 9, 2012

I Love Soap and Bubbly Things:)

I have a thing for bubbles, and all kinds of wonderful handmade natural bath products. The place to get some of the best just happens to be on Handmade Artists site in the handmade shops.
I was looking around to see what I could find that I would like to try and I thought I would share some of my wonderful finds with you :)
Peppermint Pumice Foot Scrub   This is my favorite for tired rough summertime toes, I got this from Reef Botanicals They have a great variety of totally natural all handmade bath products and skin care and my favorite candles too! But this post is about soap so no candle talk!
I have a whole list of things I want to try from their shop like Almond pastry facial scrub
Oatmeal Honey Soap And I noticed they have a free shipping on orders over $25 right now!

I also found other great natural soap from SoapMom Like this Orange Sugar Scrub Set Yum! I plan to try this soon:)  And the her Natural and Organic Facial Grains
Another tempting soap I discovered that goes on my list is from MyLovi
Natural HandMilled Lemon Verbena sounds fragrant, I love old fashioned simple scents don't you?

I stumbled on this luxurious sounding Organic Wildflower Honey Sugar Scrub while on my quest for bubbles:) It goes on my "To Try" list. It is from Essensu

 I better let you go do your own soap shopping now, that's what I plan to do today, There is nothing so clean smelling as handmade soaps! Better hurry, some of the shops have summer sales going right now and who doesn't love a sale? I am going to make some bubbles:) God Bless you all, thanks for the visit!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Look @ These fun Earrings!

My Hubby was going to throw these away and the shiny lens caught my eye. If you have read anything I have written you know I am a recycling queen. I love to re-purpose, if I can use it I do!
I love shiny things, they make my heart beat a little faster and I get mesmerized:) I knew right away these would make cool earrings.

You can make these with just 5-6 inches of 20 ga wire, I used silver, but copper ,brass, or bronze would be great. Oh and any reflective sunglass lens, do NOT tear up a good pair to make these. Ask around if you don't have a pair, someone will have an old pair to give you.

I used my torch to heat a large safety pin, then pierced the plastic lens, I inserted the wire, made a swirl to cover the hole, push the wire through to the back, then I made a wrapped loop. Attach a jump ring to hang it on your ear wire (I make all my own) you can use a purchased one if you like.

5 minute earrings nearly free! You can decorate them anyway you can think of, have fun making your own sunglass earrings:)

These are light, swing-y and fun fun fun! I hope you will try these and come back to tell me how yours  turned out. Thanks for reading my blog, till next time!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I found Texas Gold!

Chili Pepper Necklace
                                      Tam's Crafts & Collectibles
I love this chili pepper necklace, that says Texas to me:) I love spicy foods, and red, and fun things,this sure fits the bill! My friend Tammy is a Texas girl:)
I love Tam's jewelry, it's fun and bright and it will look great with jeans or pretty dresses.
Red Coral & Porcelian Chili Pepper Earrings
Personally I am a blue jean kind a girl so I'm finding lots of pieces in her shop I would love to wear:) Look! I found matching earrings:)

Baby Blue Pearl and Silver necklace Set
This pretty blue Pearl set looks like Date Night jewelry, what do you think? Tam has lots of gorgeous pieces I know you will find something you love, Tam's Jewelry Shop. Stop by and shop!
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Nancy Pace
WildWire Art

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Little Southern Hospitality!

Natural Hemp Double wrapped bracelet
Natural Leather beaded bracelet
Brown Leather w/ green beads
Southern County Creations is a down home shop filled with warm county charm. Dee is the Darling lady who is behind this fun shop. She is a teacher who is also very talented. Her shop is new, but it is very evident she will be a success in the Handmade world:)
Pop on over to the  HandMade Artist site and give her a warm welcome:)
Southern County Creations  I have my eye on the luscious Double Wrapped Hemp:)

Enjoy exploring the HandMade Artist site, See you next week, Thanks for the visit!
Nancy Pace

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Wonderful World of LisianBlue

Royal Purple
Hmmm! I must remember to ask her where she got the name of her business! Regardless of what or where she got the name, she is a very talented lady! I mean just look at this awesome off white scarf!                                                                                          

Luscious red Scarf!!

Kris has such skills because she was fortunate enough to have a grandmother who taught her to crochet, it has been handed down. Her love of this ancient art is evident in each piece she lovingly hand crochets! And she also does custom orders! Shop with Kris at lisianblue

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Nancy Pace 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Meet Our Fearless Leader Andrew of HAS

Meet Andrew, and his lovely wife Kimberly! came into being after Kimberly tried multiple selling venues and Andrew had to listen to her complaining over what they did or did not have.  Ever the one to fix the problem, Andrew spent countless hours researching and questioning and eventually a new forum and selling venue was born.  The mission statement embodies the couple’s love of handmade and the desire to see handmade showcased as the art that it is without competition of mass produced products. In this case fearless leaders come in pairs, lol:) 
I have only been a part of this great group for a short time but I am confident we are going to have a long happy relationship. The better I get to know these two the better I like the the way they work and the heartfelt dedication they give to all of us, and HAS.
OOPS!  My goal is to feature Andrews' shop.

Sterling Silver Half Persian 4 in 1

Sterling and Copper

Sterling Silver Celtic 

Andrew has so many wonderful creations, I had to use a lot of restrain to only chose a few:) After you check out his other pieces I know you will agree. HAS Chainmaille by MBOI               

 Stop by, and register at the HAF forum and join our lively conversations about Handmade, Thanks!!
Nancy Pace

Monday, March 12, 2012

Featuring Artist Robin Marie Pedrero

This is artist Robin Pedrero and her buddy Maximillion
I had the privilege of getting to know Robin a couple of years ago when I joined a group called Unique Women in Business. As I got to know Robin better, I became more and more enchanted with her work. But that is not the only quality that drew me to her. She is has such a warm genuine personality you can't help but love her.
If I were to describe her in one sentence I would say, Robin is the most dedicated, passionate, talented, resourceful, generous artist I have ever met!
She is absolutely tireless in her devotion to her art. You will not hear her complain and Robin never waits for an opportunity to knock. She goes hunting, and has the drive it takes to follow through with her commitments no matter how demanding her schedule:)

This wonderful print hangs in my bathroom, and really brightens my day with vivid color, and all the hidden images spark my creativity:) I asked Robin to describe this for me here's what she said. "Jackson's Chameleon although bright and cheery is actually about diaspora, homelessness and relocation. The chameleon has re adapted to it's new environment. It is about being content wherever you may be. There behind him are a set of stairs to nowhere, taken from my personal experience of stairs and partial foundations left where homes once were standing"
Jackson's Chameleon


This is a wonderful example of how deeply she feels her current surroundings and the past. This truly shows in her passionate art!
This was the first art print I bought from Robin,it won't be the last I have a wish list:)

"Who do you serve"

Quote from Robin "Who do you serve" is an oil painting with multifaceted meanings, initiated by the title. Just think about that title. Serving our personal needs and serving others in our daily lives takes balance and faith."

Everyday as I make my morning coffee it reminds me to be grateful for the people I serve and that I serve them to honor God.

I know you will want to see more of Robin's art and learn more about her.Just check out her Face Book fan page Robin Pedrero.!
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Paying Tribute to an Artist lost too soon....

I never had the privilege of getting to know Janelle from Jewelry by Janelle50  . However, I own this lovely bracelet from her. This is Purple Heart wood and Chainmalle, I  acquired it after she was gone. One of her friends from Handmade Artist Shop (HAS) is helping her family sell the rest of her designs to pay her expenses and I saw a posting on FaceBook.
That is not common in today's hurry hurry world, but, on Handmade Artist site it is no surprise. We are a relatively new group, still small, but growing. You make friends fast here, it is a warm loving helpful crew and I am proud to say I am part of it.
Since I own this lovely bracelet, I had an opportunity to hold it and see the love and care that she put in to her creations. I feel we have a connection though her bracelet, her art is a reminder that she was here, she had worth. She has left a lovely legacy!
 Here is the link to her shop, Janelle's HAShop   She has a few things left, they should be worn and appreciated.  All are 50% off original price. I hope you take this opportunity to visit her shop and own a piece of her work, a piece of her heart.
Enjoy the photos of her lovely work, thanks for your attention.
God Bless you!
Nancy Pace You can find me here@ HAS