Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Legend of the Buffalo Stone "Deliverance"

                                   " Deliverance"

The focal of this necklace is Buffalo stone or Ammonite. It is  a  fossilized shell resembling a buffalo hump. It was thought sacred by the Blackfoot tribe,and was said to be used to call Buffalo to the hunters in ancient times. The stone was also said to bring attention to itself by chirping  like a bird!

The old legend of the first Buffalo Stone inspired this necklace and the name "Deliverance."  The legend tells of a woman from a starving Blackfoot tribe who goes to gather wood and hears singing, when she followed the sound she found this stone. The stone spoke to her,and taught her a song. She carried it back to her tribe and they followed the stones instructions and the Buffalo were lead back to them,they were delivered from starvation.
Nancy Pace

This necklace was sold but I have other unique art pieces in my Handmade Shop Nancy's WildWire
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  1. Gorgeous - what are the light colored beads? Cool story!

  2. That is a great pendant. I have a couple ammonite fossils, now I have an idea of something that can be done with them. I tried to follow your blog, but it failed, don't know why.

  3. This is beautiful! I have some ammonite fossils....now I know what I just might do with them! Thanks Nancy!