Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I found Texas Gold!

Chili Pepper Necklace
                                      Tam's Crafts & Collectibles
I love this chili pepper necklace, that says Texas to me:) I love spicy foods, and red, and fun things,this sure fits the bill! My friend Tammy is a Texas girl:)
I love Tam's jewelry, it's fun and bright and it will look great with jeans or pretty dresses.
Red Coral & Porcelian Chili Pepper Earrings
Personally I am a blue jean kind a girl so I'm finding lots of pieces in her shop I would love to wear:) Look! I found matching earrings:)

Baby Blue Pearl and Silver necklace Set
This pretty blue Pearl set looks like Date Night jewelry, what do you think? Tam has lots of gorgeous pieces I know you will find something you love, Tam's Jewelry Shop. Stop by and shop!
Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate your visit!
Nancy Pace
WildWire Art