Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Look @ These fun Earrings!

My Hubby was going to throw these away and the shiny lens caught my eye. If you have read anything I have written you know I am a recycling queen. I love to re-purpose, if I can use it I do!
I love shiny things, they make my heart beat a little faster and I get mesmerized:) I knew right away these would make cool earrings.

You can make these with just 5-6 inches of 20 ga wire, I used silver, but copper ,brass, or bronze would be great. Oh and any reflective sunglass lens, do NOT tear up a good pair to make these. Ask around if you don't have a pair, someone will have an old pair to give you.

I used my torch to heat a large safety pin, then pierced the plastic lens, I inserted the wire, made a swirl to cover the hole, push the wire through to the back, then I made a wrapped loop. Attach a jump ring to hang it on your ear wire (I make all my own) you can use a purchased one if you like.

5 minute earrings nearly free! You can decorate them anyway you can think of, have fun making your own sunglass earrings:)

These are light, swing-y and fun fun fun! I hope you will try these and come back to tell me how yours  turned out. Thanks for reading my blog, till next time!